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Literature Tuition available for Lower Secondary, O-, N- and A-level Literature, IP and IB LangArts and IGCSE
by experienced Literature Tutor with more than 18 years of experience!

About the Literature & Lang Arts Tutor

Tutoring Literature requires passion & patience. Imparting love for it requires enthusiasm & commitment. And Madam Yu is dedicated to both – tutoring Literature & imparting love for the subject among her students. Click here for some of the awesome feedback. 

With more than 15 years of experience, Mdm Yu has demonstrated staying power, tenacity and passion in tutoring Literature. She has taught close to 500 titles to more than 350 students.

Watch the video below to see how Madam Yu can help students do well in this wonderful subject.

Clip about Pedagogy used in My Sessions

Check out what are covered in the sessions by watching the video below.
Remember lessons can be customised to help the students, focusing on specific areas to build competencies and knowledge.

Mdm Yu Covers All the Literature & Lang Arts Syllabuses in Singapore.

Testimonials from Parents & Students

"They (the lessons) were good and I think we could cover
all the content.
CHIJ Sec 3 (October 2022)
"English: it was good, I understood how to write compos and understand comprehension (plus the techniques of writing answers) better. Literature: good too, I understand how to analyse poems better(my interest in them have also greatly increased :)). As for set tets like AIC, I now understand how to pick out relationships/themes etc. better too: )
Cedar Girls Sec 2 IP (October 2022)
"For Lit I really like the way you teach how to write paragraphs and essays (I hadn't had a consistent way to write before those lessons."
Jia Qing
Sec 4 Elective Lit Student (2019)
"I really appreciate your help!" (Daughter is now a potential A student - the words of her school Lit teacher.)
Mrs Ng
Mother of JC 2 H2 Student (2019)
"She said you have made Literature easy for her when a lot of her classmates said it was a very tough subject." She also said you are very strong in Humanities and in fact she just needed to read through what you have gone though with her during the sessions (to prepare for the exams).
Mrs Tay
Mother of Sec 1 Student (2019)
"Learnt a lot more literary devices than taught in school. (You) identified strengths and weaknesses of my essay. Thank you Mdm Yu, I am now able to understand the flaws of my essays."
ACSI Year 3(Dec 2019)
"Great teacher! Gave me a better understandingof the play I am going to do next year. And I understand a bit more on how to use literary devices."
Tanjong Katong Sec. Sec 1 (Dec 2019)

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