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Literature Tuition available for Lower Secondary, O-, N- and A-level Literature, IP and IB LangArts and IGCSE
by experienced Literature Tutor with more than 18 years of experience!

The Only Place in SG where all O & N Level Literature Texts are Taught

Mdm Yu covers all the set texts for prose and drama. As the unseen section now consists only of unseen poems, focus would be placed on the different types of poems and the form and poetic devices. There will be indepth studies of plot, themes, characterisation and major devices used in the texts. Guided practices with ample scaffolding are given to students to acquire  mastery of answering techniques for essay questions.

We do our best to keep up with MOE’s frequent changes of texts, something that is not common elsewhere. The  most recent change is the removal of unseen prose. Previously students have a choice of either unseen prose or poetry, but now they have to choose one of the two poems in the unseen section.