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Exploring Literature through Ecocriticism in Secondary Texts

Some useful historical background Early origins of one aspect of Ecocriticism – the origin of animal rights can be traced to Jeremy Bentham’s book Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation first printed in 1780 but not published until 1789. In it he wrote about utilitarianism where cruelty to animals was analogous to slavery. To …

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Women in Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Women by Literature Tutor Complexities about the portrayal of  women in Shakespeare’s plays that students need to be aware of Shakespeare’s women demonstrate self-sufficiency, evade stereotypes, and assert their opinions. Think of Juliet Capulet, a feisty, sassy 14-year-old in Romeo & Juliet, think of Portia, a confident, wealthy heiress, educated, clever and witty in The Merchant of …

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